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We know when you are hungry for leads, you often end up taking any case that walks in the door. And while we know you are grateful for the clients you have, working on any and every practice area is just a recipe for wearing yourself too thin. Now the dream come true of building your own practice has become a nightmare. When you work with SE Legal, we can take these nightmares away and help you grow the way you’ve always imagined.

Step One

Choose Your Practice Areas

One of the added benefits of the marketing process with SE Legal is that you get to pick just the kind of cases you want. Choose the practice areas you want to focus on and we will create a website that sets you up as the authority in that field. Not only will we be targeting the people looking for service in these areas, but we will be creating a layer of trust that helps convert your calls into clients. By creating the feel that you are not only a trusted lawyer, but you are THE ATTORNEY for that practice area, makes your website visitors more likely to turn into clients.

Step Two

Set Your Budget

Our team will work diligently on search engine optimization and the process of keeping your website and your contact information in high position on search engine results pages. Our qualified experts will survey the competition in your area and suggest a budget that will give you the opportunity to expose your law firm to the people who are already looking for legal services. This exposure provides a greater conversion rate than traditional advertising because your potential clients are already in the market to receive your legal services.

Step Three

Let Us Do the Rest

That’s it. We will take care of everything else. All you need to do is make sure you are there to answers those calls and emails as they come in. Our qualified support team is always a phone call or email away and able to help you with technical issues or general marketing questions. We will continually adjust and optimize your campaigns to keep your position strong and keep those cases coming in.

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Successful Social Media Marketing

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