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Five Ways To Up Your Referral Game

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All of your hard work over the past years has finally paid off, and you’ve officially started your law firm. Now comes the time to grow your legal practice. Where do you start? You could exceed one area of your practice at a time, conquer your firm’s marketing efforts, or focus on local issues. However, all of these have a common need; clients. According to, referrals are the leading trend for gaining potential clients. There are various ways to gain these referrals, and we’ve narrowed them down to the top 5 for you!

1. Relationships with Your Book of Contacts

Regardless of the personal or professional relationships with these contacts, when first looking for legal referrals, reaching out to family, friends, and individuals you’ve connected with in the past is always a strong move. You never know who may come to their mind when someone is in need of your expertise. Maintain this book of contact within a professional database and always keep it up to date.

2. Lawyer-Client Relationships

When working with your clients you are constantly building a foundation of mutual trust with them. Giving them unforgettable, great service will make them want to give your contact to anyone they know! Communication is key, even after you’ve finished working with them. Have a natural conversation-pitch ready to ask, keep them up-to-date and always remind individuals that you’re around and ready to help.

3. Relationship With Other Legal Firms

Become familiar with other firms in your area through local events. Be sure that they are aware of your expertise and the type of business or people that you help. Exchange your contact information with them, stay in contact throughout the year, and be willing to send referrals their way as well.



4. Relationships with Non-Legal Businesses

Depending on your area of practice, having a strong relationship with any local business that correlates to your legal practice is always helpful. For example with realtors, brokers, doctors, and other well-respected professions. Keeping a relationship with them will be very beneficial when they have a client that could use your help.

5. Let Your Expertise Be Known

Using various channels to let the world know who you are and what you do is very beneficial for lawyers. These channels can include your social media efforts, your website, and even other local websites that would allow you to write a guest article or state an opinion on certain matters. The more the merrier.