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New Attorney? 6 Tips To Help You Succeed

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You work such long and hard hours in law school, you might expect some reprieve when you finally have passed the Bar exam and you’re ready to practice law. However, successful lawyers know that is when the real work begins. Some rise to the occasion and others get lost in the shuffle, but you don’t have to be the latter. Here are several tips designed to put you on the path to success.

  1. Find Your Niche

You may first think that as a young lawyer you need to take any and every case. While that may be the case from time to time just to make ends meet, your best bet is to look for just the right niche for you to grow your reputation in. This will allow you to appear as an expert in your field which can help you get more cases and referrals. Sometimes it is more than just choosing an area of practice, but also a specific niche within that area. For instance, rather than focusing on business law, maybe focus on trademarks or tax laws in order to build your skills and your reputation.

  1. Be Considerate

Get involved in your community and think of ways that you and your firm can help others. By becoming more involved in the community not only helps with visibility and reputation, but it can turn into a source of referrals for just the kind of business you need to grow your firm.

  1. Think Like A Business Owner

Being a business owner may not have been the first thing you were thinking about when you went into law school, but to be a successful lawyer you may find thinking like a businessman is the only way to create a thriving practice. Learn to treat your clients like customers, treat them with the care and compassion you would want if you were in their place. When clients feel respected and well treated they often become a great source of referrals for your firm.

  1. Protect Your Reputation

When you are starting out one of the major problems is a lack of reputation. As you build your professional experience pay careful attention to the reputation you are creating. It takes years to build of a solid reputation in any field, but the truth is it can only take a few moments to ruin it. Always act with integrity and be sure to protect the reputation you are building as close as you would protect your business itself.

  1. Seek Mentors and Educational Opportunities

You can never have too many mentors when you work in the legal field. Beyond the information they can impart to you, mentors also act as references and referral sources to help you grow your professional network. Never miss an opportunity to further your education whether through coursework, conference or mentoring relationships. These opportunities can help you grow in more ways than one.

  1. Don’t Be Impatient

If you are just starting out it is hard to relax and just take things as they come. Yes, you want to jump in and start winning big cases and making an impression, but the reality is it takes years to build the skills, experience, and reputation you need to be the lawyer you want to be. Don’t be too impatient, this process is something all lawyers go through and it just part of what makes a great attorney. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you just have to busy yourself with the grunt work—you can also find ways to make yourself stand out by networking, sourcing referrals or developing social media strategies to attract new clients.


Being a new lawyer is an exciting, and scary, time for you as a professional. While there are near infinite ways to positively impact your legal career, there are an equal amount of pitfalls that can derail your train to success. With the right mix of motivation and integrity, your reputation will only grow and within time you will find just the success you are looking for in your chosen practice area.

Five Ways To Up Your Referral Game

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All of your hard work over the past years has finally paid off, and you’ve officially started your law firm. Now comes the time to grow your legal practice. Where do you start? You could exceed one area of your practice at a time, conquer your firm’s marketing efforts, or focus on local issues. However, all of these have a common need; clients. According to, referrals are the leading trend for gaining potential clients. There are various ways to gain these referrals, and we’ve narrowed them down to the top 5 for you!

1. Relationships with Your Book of Contacts

Regardless of the personal or professional relationships with these contacts, when first looking for legal referrals, reaching out to family, friends, and individuals you’ve connected with in the past is always a strong move. You never know who may come to their mind when someone is in need of your expertise. Maintain this book of contact within a professional database and always keep it up to date.

2. Lawyer-Client Relationships

When working with your clients you are constantly building a foundation of mutual trust with them. Giving them unforgettable, great service will make them want to give your contact to anyone they know! Communication is key, even after you’ve finished working with them. Have a natural conversation-pitch ready to ask, keep them up-to-date and always remind individuals that you’re around and ready to help.

3. Relationship With Other Legal Firms

Become familiar with other firms in your area through local events. Be sure that they are aware of your expertise and the type of business or people that you help. Exchange your contact information with them, stay in contact throughout the year, and be willing to send referrals their way as well.



4. Relationships with Non-Legal Businesses

Depending on your area of practice, having a strong relationship with any local business that correlates to your legal practice is always helpful. For example with realtors, brokers, doctors, and other well-respected professions. Keeping a relationship with them will be very beneficial when they have a client that could use your help.

5. Let Your Expertise Be Known

Using various channels to let the world know who you are and what you do is very beneficial for lawyers. These channels can include your social media efforts, your website, and even other local websites that would allow you to write a guest article or state an opinion on certain matters. The more the merrier.


How to Hire a Powerhouse Paralegal

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If you’re a partner, or own your own firm, it doesn’t take long to realize that hiring good qualified help is a little harder than it seems. Someone may look one way on paper, but present a completely different persona once they get on your team. What are the winning traits of a successful paralegal and more importantly how do you identify them in your prospective employees?

Choose Your Priorities

First, decide what are the most important strengths needed for the specific position you have open. If you need someone who can immediately jump in and take over, you may value experience over a winning personality. If you have the time to work one on one with a new hire, you may favor someone who has a promising future but still has some learning to do. Either way, prioritize based on the needs of your law firm and know exactly the kind of employee you are looking for before you even look at one resume.

Do Your Research

You are busy—that’s probably one of the main reasons you need a paralegal, so we know you may not have the time to interview all the candidates that apply. Which is why you can save valuable time by conducting some research in order to narrow down your hiring pool. Ask for references up front so you can identify any potential connections and get some insight before even scheduling the first interview. Don’t forget to search on the Internet and check social media—while a lot of people in the legal field avoid these site, performing a quick search might uncover pertinent information that could affect your hiring decisions.

Check Their Credentials

To become a paralegal you must complete required coursework, a certification or earn an associate’s or bachelor’s First, decide what you value and what the position requires. Use this standard as a minimum requirement for your position in order to keep the number of unqualified applications down.

Test Their Ability to Follow Directions

A great paralegal knows how to follow instructions, and this is an important skill for any great hire to have. Set up a set of specific tasks needed to apply for the position. This allows you only choose the candidates that are willing to listen and set aside those that do not comply with instructions.

Require a Cover Letter

Requiring a cover letter for the job application allows you to survey their writing skills before the every get offered a position. Writing is an important skill for a paralegal, so ensuring they are competent in this arena will help you find a more qualified employee. The cover letter is also an insight into something beyond their resume and gives them a chance to tell them more about themselves.

Look for a Team Player

Working as a paralegal in a law office requires that you can work well with others. During the interview process and through careful review of the resume, look for hints of a person who excels in a team setting.

Once you’ve narrowed down your applicant pool using these tips, you’ll be left with only the most qualified people to help bring your law office to the next level.